Services We Offer You

Yorkshire Chimney Services are a one stop shop for chimney maintenance or repairs.

We can provide any of the services listed below or if you just need advice, please give us a call.


Chimney Inspections

We can Determine what size and type of chimney system you have and provide 3 levels of test;


  • A simple flue flow test.
  • A more thorough chimney investigation.
  • A full CCTV chimney investigation.


Chimney sweeping

Sweeping the flue removes soot from the chimney and dangerous levels of creosote from wood burners.

We also provide a level 1 chimney inspection at the same time.


Chimney Relining

Relining a chimney is usually done to prevent an old chimney from leaking. However, if you are installing a wood burning stove it is also a good idea to install the correct size flue for that stove since it will help to keep the gases hot so that they will keep rising up through the structure and outside. Where stoves are installed without liners a proportion of the flue gases will condensate and deposit on the wall of the chimney.


Chimney Terminals

From the basic rain-cap to the state of the art anty down-draft terminal we can supply and fit them all.


Draught Correction

This could be anything from replacing a terminal,installing a flue stabiliser, or a mercanical or fan flue terminal.